Tarrytown Nursery School offers a play based experience for preschool children ages two to four years old: Toddler (2’s), Pre-School (3’s), and Pre-K (4’s). Our goal is to develop social and emotional skills to be ready for kindergarten. Our philosophy is learning through play, with special emphasis on art, cooking, and science.

We also offer Fabulous Fridays, an enrichment program for 3’s and 4’s with additional cooking and science.

All three classes experience art activities, cooking activities and science experiments that are appropriate for each age level. Children learn best through hands on experiences.

  • Art fosters creativity in children and they discover color, shape, and texture. They also learn to create an expression of self and use symbols to represent objects
  • Cooking provides numerous occasions for children to plan and work with others, learn measurement concepts, and cook and taste different types of food. Some examples of cooking are Stone Soup, Pumpkin Soup, and Red Riding Hood’s Surprise Muffins.
  • Science stimulates children to explore and experiment, develop skills in using the scientific method of problem solving and most important it creates a sense of wonder in children. Science experiments include Sink & Float, Evaporation, Acid/Base and Fat Metabolism.

The Pre-K class also learns how to write their letters, learn sight words and create a book each month. They also have a unit on comparative literature using familiar fairy tales.

During school breaks we offer Mini Camps and Summer Camp.