Toddler (2’s)

2s-class-1TODDLER (2’s) CLASS

2 Day Program:  Tuesday and Thursday
3 Day Program:  Monday, Wednesday, and Friday
5 Day Program:  Monday – Friday
9:00am – 12:00pm, 9:00 – 3:00pm (starting September)


Must be 2 by December 1
Maximum class size 10

2017-2018 Toddler (2’s) Class Registration Form





The Toddler class is a safe place for children to explore and make sense of their world. For children at this young age, the goal is to provide a social setting in the most inviting and nurturing manner. We tackle difficult concepts for toddlers, such as “If my mommy leaves me here, will she come back for me?” and “How do I get a toy that I want from that other child?” Over time, the children learn to play cooperatively with other students and to lay foundations for future relationships. The “child’s play” that goes on in the toddler class is an opportunity for children to create, discover, and experiment. When play is supported and allowed to emerge, the toddler begins to learn about a variety of concepts that lead inevitably to intellectual curiosity and development.

The Toddler class engages students in activities that promote development of the following skill areas:

2s-class-3Creativity — The art area is a wonderful opportunity for children to express their imagination and individuality, and it also develops fine motor skills and reading fundamentals in the process. Children learn to identify shapes of letters in personal drawings, differentiate foreground and background, learn about color by mixing paint, and learn spatial relationships in gluing projects. The book area is a quiet place where a child can sit and listen to a favorite book, and be comforted by the closeness of others. Or she can sit tall and proud, sure that she is reading the words of the books all by herself—the whole time developing pre-reading skills by turning the pages in the right direction and scanning the words and images from left to right.

2s-class-2Expression — The dramatic play area is a place where children can recreate their world as a source of comfort or to express fear. They can imitate Daddy or Mommy going to work and then they are not the ones who are left behind. They can be the doctor and give someone else a shot or apply a band-aid.

Cognition — The block area offers an introduction to balance, spatial relationships, and cause and effect. (For example, “How can I place a block across two other blocks to make a bridge if they are too far apart?” “How high can I build the block tower before it falls down, and what happens if I drive a car into it?”)

Enrichment activities for the Toddler class include music, movement, cooking, and daily outdoor play.